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“I stumbled upon certified garcinia cambogia at a friend’s house during her son’s first birthday. I was skeptical at first but got convinced after seeing positive results on my friend. She confessed that her two elder sisters used it before. Judging by their “new” looks, I started taking it. I liked the fact that it had been manufactured in the USA and is 50% HCA. It was also important for me to choose the “original” brand since there some many fake ones now”*  – Tammy Johnson, Charlotte, North Carolina

“I am no writer so let the two pics do thee talking. I just want to say a sincere thank you to all the people behind CGC…P.S  folks please note that garcinia cambogia is not a magic pill since you need to stop eating crap but it sure helps a lot” – Matt Etkins, location unknown.

“Six months ago, I delivered a beautiful healthy girl. The biggest drawback was my 178-pound weight that left my self-esteem broken. I could not eat right and did not have any hopes of cutting the weight. Even more depressingly, my baby could not allow me to exercise at all. My sister-in-law came visiting and introduced me to Garcinia Cambogia. Three months later, I have no regrets.*” – Theresa Parks, Troy, New York

“I saw the product being advertised on a women’s magazine. The women who spoke about their success stories* enthralled me. Eager to try it on my own body, I started taking the capsules two weeks ago. While I have not lost too much weight, I am positive that I will attain my desired figure sooner rather than later.”* – Beth McKinley Santa Clara, California

“I was advised to take three vegetarian capsules of GAIA Sciences three times a day. I like the fact that each capsule is average size so I take it easily. This goes with eight glasses of water daily. Within the first week, I had cut my eating by almost a half, as I felt satiated fast*. I no longer experience the characteristic hunger pangs*.” – Madeleine Atkinson, location unknown.

“I am not the kind of person to try any new product in the market. However, I decided to weigh myself first and measure the efficiency of garcinia cambogia. After several days of taking the capsules and a little bit of exercise in the mornings, I started feeling lighter*. That was the most sudden effect I have ever felt. I loved the product so much that I introduced it to my colleagues at work. They cannot thank me enough.*” – Sara Louise, Crystal Lake, Illinois

“Oozing 7.4 pounds within 10 days* was a surprise to me. I can attribute this success to the fact that I observed the prescriptions religiously. It has been two months now and I hope to attain my goal of cutting 30 pounds by the end of the year.”* – Rita Raymond, Madison, South Dakota

“My wedding is in August and I cannot wait to fit into my gown. Before starting capsules of Garcinia Cambogia, I had tried almost every weight loss regime in the book. While I managed to stop gaining weight, I was not losing as much fat as I wanted. My cousins even poked fun at me. I almost went into depression until I came across this weight loss product at the store the other day. To supplement the positive effects, I cycle several miles every morning.”* – Monica Thelma, West Jordan, Utah

“My best friend knew that I was struggling with weight issues. He sent me this product as a random gift. I was afraid of side effects that I have seen on my friends until I learned that this one is natural. Well, I must admit that it is the best present I have received in a long time. Not only am I shedding weight*, my self-confidence and social interaction has returned.”* – Annette Dolores, Cooperstown, New York

“After reading numerous reviews on the Internet, I was not sure if certified garcinia cambogia was the right weight loss supplement for me. Several of my Facebook friends said that it actually works. I ordered mine and started taking the capsules.”* -Lorraine Montgomery, Gastonia, North Carolina

“The feeling of well-being is the most important for me. Even as I continue to lose pounds*, I believe my observation of the correct number of capsules per day has helped me durring the last three months. I recommend certified garcinia cambogia to anyone who has been disappointed by ineffective methods in the past. Lost 65 pounds in 3 months – I have never felt better/lighter/happier in my life and I am not that young anymore”* -Yolanda Gregory, Raleigh, North Carolina

“I failed to observe the prescribed directions. In the first week, I only took one capsule per meal. I am a man who is poor with instructions. In the second week, I lost 3 pounds and started taking two pills after every meal. In the following 15 days, I had lost 8 pounds cumulatively*. Since, then, I changed my sedentary lifestyle and embraced an active one*. My fitness instructor motivates me to work out three times in a week. As I watch my diet, I have no doubt that the product works well for everyone.”* -Meanders Lincoln, Buffalo, New York

“I came across garcinia cambogia on social media after seeing people report amazing weight loss results*. I decided to try it and bought the first doze of capsules from Amazon. This was Super Citrimax whose instructions I keenly observed. Additionally, I read many reviews that pushed me to take the capsules. It has been three and a half months now and I am on my way to attain the figure of my dreams. People have started noticing the changes and I receive positive comments from my colleagues at work.”* – Peggy Kinsley, Lake Oswego, Oregon

“After realizing the potential of this supplement, I started working out more rigorously. I like to stand on the scales every week. There is no much difference on the weekly records, but I feel I will lose substantial weight if I keep taking the capsules and working out. I am not about to try any other product anytime soon.”* – Christen Voiles, Cincinnati, Ohio

“One thing that makes me like the garcinia cambogia is its ability to suppress appetite*. I always had a bad craving for potato crisps, fried chicken and other fast foods until I came across this supplement. My colleagues and friends could not understand how I managed to kick the habit. After taking my morning capsules, I feel satiated* for much of the day. I have not gained any weight since then. I plan to join a local gym very soon to supplement the capsules.”* – Kristin Marybeth, Deadwood, South Dakota

“I am convinced the certified garcinia cambogia is a quality product because it has helped my sister and me*. This product is easily what we have been looking for. In fact, we received a free bottle after writing a couple of online reviews.”* – Kimberly Jordon, Quincy, Massachusetts

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