The Benefits of Trekking

Many of us enjoy backpacking and trekking which involve long walks. Backpacking is usually a walk taken with a backpack wherein you put all of your personal items; where an individual intend to spend the night or maybe multiple days and nights of sleeping away from home while trekking is sometimes used to describe more difficult journeys. Both of these involve carrying essential personal items and food, clothing and shelter gears or tents on your back in a bag and walking for just several hours or an extended period of time. These activities are quite satisfying for both the body and the soul. The feeling of a refreshment since you are able to connect with Mother Nature without carrying anything but your backpack. You get to enjoy several wonderful sights and soul search. Backpacking and trekking are outdoor activities that provide a variety of health and fitness benefits to your physical, mental, and spiritual being.

  • Cardiovascular strength – Backpacking require you to walk to large distances. You can either choose to walk up or down on mountains and hills. Even so, the heart works to pump better and harder for it to be able to provide compensation to the lungs and give ample oxygen for the whole body demand. Trekking on the other hand is not like the intense sports; it instead maintains a balance or steady heart rate and increases the blood flow on the brain and the muscle tissues.
  • Weight loss – while you are on trekking, it is very common to experience dodging around large stones, climbing, running and sprinting. These set of physical activities help you shed extra pounds and help maintain your water weight. It is known actually that when you are trekking for 12 weeks regularly in a moderate intensity basis, it can lead you to lose some significant weight.
  • Builds a robust heart – if you want to keep your body especially your heart healthy, then trekking is an excellent choice of exercise. Because in trekking it involves activities which keep your body active like climbing up and then back down. This act makes your heart ecstatic. The heart’s main work is to pump out blood that is enough for the system in times or heavy workout and by regularly doing so, it helps build the cardiac muscle allowing it to become a lot healthier.

  • Cleanses the lungs – Trekking tours are very popular in India like for instance. Trekking tours are given in order to allow the trekkers to breathe in fresh air. These trekking tours are arranged and planned well away from the human population. It goes to show that a vast growth and inert existence of vegetation which can be found only in nature helps guarantee a presence of cleaner air compared to the one present in the metropolitan areas.
  • Builds strong bones – trekking requires an intensive human body effort. Physical activities in trekking include jumping, climbing, stretching, and dodging on large stones. When engaged in regular exercises during trekking, the bone gets stronger. When backpacking, you also have some extra benefits since you carry your belongings (including foods, clothing, and some other camping stuff and tent) on your back, it adds weight on your spine and shoulders. When carried properly, the weight training helps add bone density and achieve fitness.

  • Agile muscles – muscle strength is the main benefit of trekking. Because trekking requires the trekkers to have strain and ample energy, the body is like exercising so whether you go up and then down on to different challenging topographies or to the Himalayas for instance rest assure that your body and every muscle of it is in constant physical movement. Every core muscles, calves and quads are exercised to become flexible and the muscles become agile.
  • Cool mind and excellent focus – Backpacking and trekking requires an individual to be real focused on both body and mental activity. Before starting, the trekker must clear his mind for the tour and prepare the mind to look forward to several topographical challenges especially to those trekkers who take on the India trekking tour because in India, spiritualism is highly valued. So in India tours, it undeniably helps the trekkers most especially when they somehow connect their inner self to the nature and be calm to be able to enjoy the places where they are heading to.

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